Umbria Special Offers

Borgo sul lago is glad to propose a list of Umbria special offers for your relax in the territory and to visit the Umbria countryside and surroundings or the Trasimeno lake. Discover how you can easily take advantage of our Umbria special offers and our services, for a romantic stay or a holiday with your family.


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Special Offer "Weekend in Umbria"

Borgo sul Lago proposes a special offer for your weekend in Umbria.

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Discount from 5% to 10% on stays

Spending the holidays in Umbria is even cheaper.

Borgo sul Lago offers you a chance to get a special discount if you decide to stay with us at least 3 days.

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Special Offer "Family Holiday Italy"

A relaxing family holiday in Umbria

Borgo sul Lago proposes a new special offer for your family holiday in Italy.

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Special offer July and August 2016 in Umbria

Borgo sul Lago proposes a special offer with a 10% discount in July and August for your holidays in Umbria.

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