What to see at Lake Piediluco?

The Piediluco Lake is located in Umbria, and it has the same name as the tiny village near it, in the province of Terni. The hamlet is 375 metres above the sea level and there live 523 people.

Piediluco Lake: the hamlet

The hamlet of Piediluco is a small treasure in the heart of Central Italy, surrounded by mountains and overlooking a charming lake: the perfect location for holidays to have a break from frenzy and city life to enjoy quiet and to relax. Lake Piediluco offers to its visitors amazing landscapes, painted to get unique photos and pictures.

Here you can relax and enjoy nice and sunny days, in a suggestive and magical location overlooking the lake.

The Rocca

The Rocca di Piediluco is a “must to see” place when visiting the lake. It is a fortress built in the XVIII century according to the will of Cardinal Albornoz.

A suggestive walk leads to the Rocca, through a path which melts history and culture of this characteristic hamlet.


Villalago is a magnificent villa built at the end of the XIX century by the baron Eugenio Franchetti.

The villa is located on a panoramic hill dominating the lake, and it is surrounded by a large natural park with aromatic plants and ancient trees.

The former name of the villa was Villa Monteluco and since its building it has been considered as an instrument to re-establish the status of the Franchetti family.

The complex was inaugurated in 1969 with the modern name Villalago, it went under renovation and opened to public visits.

Nowadays, its park is often used for shows and cultural events during Summer.

Flora and fauna of Piediluco Lake

The lakeshore is low and periodically it is submerged by water, similar to the characteristics of a marshy field. The lake is surrounded by greenery with beautiful willow and poplar woods, typical species growing by the water.

The hilly area is dotted with holm oaks and, in some periods, you can also see the rare species of Aleppo Pines. .

Fauna of Lake Piediluco is composed of typical animals usually living near to water springs, such as herons, coots, grebes, mallards and kingfishers. 

Woods are populated by buzzards, kestrels and, rarely, short toed eagles. Lake waters are full of fishes such as tenches, eels, pikes, chubs.