Marmore Waterfalls are one of the most enchanting natural beauties in Umbria. Waterfalls are located in Valnerina and they originated from the river Velino, only a few kilometres away from the city of Terni inside the Natural Park of Marmore Waterfalls. Their name comes from calcium carbonate, which deposits on the rocks and reflects sun beams, as the white marble does (infact, “marble” in Italian is marmo, and its relative adjective is marmoreo). 

Marmore Waterfalls

What to see at Marmore Waterfalls

Marmore Waterfalls are a not to be missed stop when spending holidays in Umbria, during Summer and Spring, especially. Waterfalls can be explored through various guided paths: there are 6 different paths which differ for the effort during the trekking and for the stunning views they show. Tours last 3 hours each and they start at different slots of time. 

The Lovers Balcony

il balcone degli innamorati
Lovers Balcony

Marmore Waterfalls hide one of the most romantic corners of Umbria: the Lovers Balcony. It is actually a small terrace built in the rocks from where it is possible to touch the waters of Velino river. The Lovers Balcony is located through the path which links the Belvedere inferiore to Belvedere Superiore, almost 20 minutes away from the start of the tour.

But why is it called Lovers Balcony?

Actually, this rock balconette is dedicated to lovers because Marmore Waterfalls are strictly linked to di Saint Valentine myth, who was the first bishop of Terni and still nowadays the protector of  the city and of lovers.

Guided night tours at Marmore Waterfalls

Marmore Waterfalls

Night tours are an emotional and suggestive experience for visitors of Marmore Waterfalls. A guided night tour will let you immerse yourself in the natural beauties of the park, with the sound of the  pouring water and the darkness of the night that create a suggestive effect, together with the unique view of the second and third jump of the waterfall. 

The meeting point for night tours is Belvedere inferiore and the visit lasts 1 hour. 

How to get to Marmore Waterfalls

By car: through the A1 motorway get the Orte exit, then going forward in direction to Terni-est and following the signals to Valnerina. Otherwise, form the A14 motorway, proceeding on the E45 highway to Terni-est and then heading to Valnerina. 

By train: Terni train station is the closest one to get to Marmore Waterfalls in only 10 minutes driving (or by taxi or NCC).

By plane: the closest international airports to Marmore Waterfalls are Rome Fiumicino, in Rome, and San Francesco di Assisi, in Perugia