Siena counts 54,391 inhabitants and is located in central Tuscany. The city is famous for its artistic heritage and for the homogeneity of its medieval architecture, as well as for the world-renowned yearly horse races on its central piazza, the Palio, which pits the city’s neighborhoods against one another. The historical centre of the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995.  

Torre del Mangia

Siena lies in the centre of the large scenic countryside bordered by the Arbia River to the south, the Merse to the south east and the Elsa to the north.  Surrounding the city are the beautiful rolling hills of the Chianti, the Montagnola and the stunning Crete Senesi.

The city was founded as a Roman colony, Saena Iulia, under Emperor Augustus.

Etruscan remains that fascinating to visit have been found in the historical centre of the city, witness to this even earlier settlement.