Umbria is a region located in Central Italy full of art, history and nature. Due to its location, Umbria is always referred to as the Green Heart of Italy, thanks to its green hills, mountain lakes and idyllic rivers. Let’s discover what to see among the natural beauties of Umbria.

If you are looking for a naturalistic location where to take a break from frenzy city life and immerse yourself in wild and relaxing nature, you can read this article to find out the 5 best natural beauties of Umbria you should definitely visit both for adults and for families. 


cascata delle marmore
Marmore Waterfalls

Marmore Waterfalls are one of the most charming natural destinations of Italy. Waterfalls are located in Valnerina, a few kilometres away from the city of Terni, inside the astonishing Natural Park of Marmore Waterfalls.
The river which generates the falls is named Velino, while they take their name after the sediments of calcium carbonate on the rocks reflecting sun beams as white marble does (“marble” is “marmo” in Italian, and “marmoreo” is the related adjective).

Waterfalls can be admired from various points of view, depending on which of the 6 different paths a visitor chooses. Paths differ in the difficulty of the trekking effort and in various stunning views through them.
Itineraries are supposed to last 3 hours, starting in different time slots.


Piediluco Lake

Lake Piediluco is located on the borders between Umbria and Lazio and it is not too far from Terni and Marmore Waterfalls. The Piediluco Lake has always attracted artists, painters and poets from all over the world thanks to its idyllic character.
The best way to admire the Lake and to feel fully immersed in its natural beauty is by taking a boat trip.

The Lake is surrounded by green and protected areas where you can have excursions, walks and trekkings, bike excursions and many other activities to really feel connected with nature.
On the Northern side of the Piediluco Lake there is the River Park of Valnerina, where rocky walls are suitable for climbing and rafting along the river Nera.


Lago Trasimeno.

A location that you won’t miss in your tour of Umbria: Trasimeno Lake, the biggest lake of Central Italy. What to see at Trasimeno Lake? Either for nature lovers and for those who want to visit tiny villages, castles and stunning landscapes, the Trasimeno Lake area can satisfy everyone. 

Not to be missed: visiting the 3 islands in the heart of Trasimeno Lake.

  • Isola Minore is the smallest of the Trasimeno islands and it is private, so it can only be admired from the lake
  • Isola Polvese is the biggest island with its size of 70 ha and it has been declared in 1973 “scientific and didactic park”; on the Polvese Island it is possible to have a trekking among its naturalistic and historic heritage
  • Isola Maggiore is about 24 ha wide where a rich net of paths leads visitors to major historic places in the island. 


Fioritura di Castelluccio di Norcia.

Castelluccio di Norcia is a tiny village located in the heart of Valnerina, inside the National Park of Sibillini Mountains. It is also called “the roof of Umbria”, due to its high position 1452 mt above the sea level and just a few km away from the well known and suggestive Norcia.

During Winter time, the Castelluccio di Norcia valley can be a fun place for childrens and for adults, especially when snow covers the ground for skiing sports.

But it is during late Spring time, from May to early July, that this place shows its best landscape: the flowering of the lentil fields. Thousands of lentil flowers blossom all together with daisies, cornflowers, gentians, narcissuses, poppies, buttercups, violets and many other flower types transform fields in a coloured sea, as in an impressionist painting.

An incredible wonder of nature.

During Summer, the Norcia area is the perfect location to have trekking, bike, horse or donkey excursions.



Clitunno Springs is a natural park located along the Flaminia way, between Spoleto and Foligno, in the municipality of Campello sul Clitunno. It is a protected natural park with leafy green trees and a bright water small lake where swans, ducks and other water animals live.  

Clitunno Springs are a good destination to enjoy uncontaminated nature, have a nice walk and lay on the grass.